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Buena Park Driver’s Ed – Safety 1st Driving School

Welcome to Safety 1st Driving School! We are proud to be Buena Park’s #1 choice for driver’s ed!

We invite you to get to know us a little better, and please call us with any questions you may have!

What do you need in a good driver’s ed program?

Buena Park Driver's EdHere are what we believe are the key elements to a successful Buena Park driver’s ed program, and how Safety 1st fulfills those elements.

1. High Standards

No driver’s education program will succeed without setting the bar high for both its students and its instructors.

Safety 1st has a proven track record of success, and we attribute much of that to our very high standards. We believe in our students, each and every one of them. Our students know we believe in them, which gives them confidence and helps them rise to the occasion.

We take the time to assess where each student is in his or her driver’s ed process, and develop each driving lesson to meet the student’s individual needs and help them progress each week. Each student’s driving time is their own time: we do not allow other students in the car for someone else’s behind-the-wheel lesson.

Our cars are top safety rated and approved for use as instructional vehicles. Our students love learning to drive in our cars – the cars are even available for use during your final DMV driving test.

Our friendly, patient, encouraging instructors are all DMV Certified, and undergo our own rigorous training and background screenings. We have a “zero tolerance policy” for our instructors: if they are caught breaking a rule (such as texting while driving), they are no longer employed by Safety 1st, period, end of story. We feel very strongly that our instructors meet our expectations and model our values for our students.

2. Convenience

Whether you’re a student or a parent reading this, we know your life is busy. You have plenty of things to do – work, studies, sports, family and social life – and driver’s ed is just another thing on your plate. Fortunately for you, Safety 1st is all about your convenience. And we believe driver’s ed can be more than just “another thing you have to do” – it can be fun!

We offer FREE pickup and drop off for every behind-the-wheel student, so whether you’re at home, work, or school, we will be there to get you on time, every time. Our instructors will show up looking clean, professional, and official – ready to focus 100% on you.

After you’ve completed your online course and are ready to begin behind-the-wheel lessons, you will need to complete 6 hours of training with a certified instructor, and 50 hours with a licensed driver over 25.

Don’t have an adult to practice with? No problem! We offer a number of Packages to suit your needs. We even have a DMV Package that will help with your final DMV driving test.

3. Education that Works

Finally, our approach to Buena Park driver’s ed is one that works. Our online course is fun and interactive, teaching key points in an easy-to-remember format. Our driving lessons are low-stress and informative, focusing on defensive driving skills and real-life scenarios and conditions.

We even have a unique grading system to track each student’s behind-the-wheel progress and communicate effectively with the student and parents, so everyone is in the know at all times.

Interested in signing up with Safety 1st? Give us a call today! (949)250-7001