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Driver's Ed in San Juan Capistrano - Safety 1st Driving SchoolWhether you’re a concerned parent searching for a trustworthy driving school that will teach your teenager the necessary skills and maneuvers to keep them safe on the roads, OR you’re a teenager itching to gain the independence of driving, Safety 1st Driving School is the driver’s ed school you will love.

Here’s why:


1. Safety 1st Driving School is a licensed, bonded, and insured driver’s education provider. All our instructors are certified by the California DMV and have undergone extensive training and background checks, as well as Safety 1st’s own (even more) rigorous training program.

2. Our vehicles are top rated for safety and are approved for use as instructional vehicles.

3. All our instructors are held to incredibly high standards. We have a zero tolerance policy with regard to employee misconduct, such as texting while driving or anything that violates our strict requirements.

4. When your student is with us, he or she will be treated like a member of our own family. All our time and attention is devoted to the student. No piggybacking – i.e., we do not allow more than one student per vehicle for each behind-the-wheel session. Period.

5. For your convenience, we offer free pickup and drop off for all behind-the-wheel lessons. Your student’s instructor will show up on time, every time, looking clean and professional, ready to focus 100% on your student.

6. We also offer a number of affordable Packages to accommodate each student’s unique needs, including a DMV Package, which will help the student with his or her final DMV road test.

7. We developed a unique Grading System that details the student’s strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel, and we communicate that grade directly to you after each driving lesson, so you will always be informed as to your student’s progress.


1. At Safety 1st, we love our students. We will go above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable with your instructor. 

2. Our Online Course is interactive, informative, and – believe it or not – fun! Work at your own pace, on your own time, and when you’re finished, we’ll send you a certificate to move on to the behind-the-wheel phase of your driver’s ed!

3. Our driving lessons are fun – and we teach skills that you can actually use, that will make you a safe and skilled driver in Orange County!

4. We have a very high first-time pass rate for the DMV written and driving tests.

The truth is, statistically, teenagers are the most dangerous demographic when it comes to driving. We have devoted our lives to reversing those statistics and passing along the skills of safety, patience, caution, respect for laws and other drivers, and practical experience so you can enjoy your driving experience for many years to come.

Driver’s Ed in San Juan Capistrano

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