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Driving School in Talega

Driving School in Talega

Driving School in TalegaIf you live in the community of Talega, San Clemente, and are looking for a driving school for yourself or your teenager, look no further than Safety 1st Driving School!

Safety 1st Driving School is committed to making Orange County a better place, one safe driver at a time. Here’s how we do it:

1. Fun Online Course

For only $30, you’ll get a fun, interactive online course that will fulfill the 25-hour requirement in order to take your written DMV test and get your learner’s permit. Take the course whenever, wherever, on your own time. Your progress will be saved at every juncture, so no need to start over if you close out.

Our instructors are available with any questions you may have (it’s true!). And our tech team is local too, so any online hiccups will be resolved quickly, getting you back at it in no time.

Register for our Online Course here.

2. More Behind-the-Wheel Training

After you complete your online course, the fun begins! Sit in the driver’s seat and begin your behind-the-wheel lessons with Safety 1st. While most driving schools log around 15 miles per behind-the-wheel session, Safety 1st logs 30-40 miles per session! We don’t skimp on behind-the-wheel training, because that is where the learning really takes place.

We do not allow piggybacking – only one student per car, per driving lesson. We want your entire behind-the-wheel lesson to be focused 100% on you. (Parents are welcome to ride along, though.)

We will gladly pick you up and drop you off for any or all behind-the-wheel lessons, and we offer a number of packages to complete all your required driving hours. View our Packages here.

3. Our Unique Grading System

In order to keep parents and students in the know at every phase of the driver’s education process, we have developed a unique grading system, whereby during each behind-the-wheel lesson the instructor is making notes on an iPad, which then results in a “grade” for that day’s lesson.

After the lesson, the grade is discussed in detail with the student and his or her parents, outlining the student’s strengths and weaknesses, so everyone knows what the student should be focusing on in his or her practice time before the next behind-the-wheel session.

4. Awesome Instructors

Our instructors are friendly, patient, and supportive. They are licensed by the California DMV, and have been subjected to Safety 1st’s own rigorous requirements as well. We have very high standards for our instructors, which is appreciated by parents and teenagers alike. They are professional, arrive on time EVERY time, never perform personal business during your student’s driving time, and go above and beyond to make every student feel safe and comfortable.

In short, we treat every student as if they were our own family.

5. More Great Stuff

Here are some more benefits of using Safety 1st for your Talega Driving School:

  • We issue student licenses
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We use top safety rated vehicles
  • You can use our car for your DMV driving test
  • We will pick you up and drop you off for your behind-the-wheel lessons

Driving School in Talega – Safety 1st

Contact Safety 1st today with any questions you have. We are ready to get you started on your driver’s education and get you on your way to becoming a safe, skilled driver!

Help us make Orange County a better place – one safe driver at a time.