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Here’s why you won’t regret choosing us:

1. More Miles in the Driver’s Seat = Better Drivers!

Most driving schools log about 15 miles per behind-the-wheel session. Since we are all about creating safe, skilled drivers, we want to give our students the most time possible behind the wheel. So with Safety 1st, you’ll log between 30-40 miles per behind-the-wheel session!

2. Unique Grading System Keeps Parents in the Know

We have developed a specialized grading system that both parents and students love! Your instructor will have an iPad in the card during each behind-the-wheel lesson, and he or she will be making specific notations throughout the session as to the student’s strengths and areas that need improvement. After each lesson, the student is given a grade. That grade is discussed in detail with the student and his or her parents, ensuring everyone is kept informed at every phase of the driver’s education process. And each week you will know what skills to be working on in your at-home driving time.

Don’t have an adult to practice with at home? No worries! Safety 1st offers a number of behind-the-wheel packages, going all the way up to the 50 hours of driving time required with a licensed adult over 25!

3. No Piggybacking Allowed

A lot of driving schools allow another student to be in the car with the student driver. Not Safety 1st – your time is YOUR time, and we take that very seriously! During your behind-the-wheel lessons, your instructor will be 100% focused on you and your needs, and you won’t have the added pressure or nerves that come with having a passenger in the car.

4. Professional Instructors

At Safety 1st, we are incredibly proud of our instructors. We have high standards for them! Not only are they licensed by the California DMV, but they have been subjected to our own rigorous training requirements as well. They will show up on time EVERY time, looking clean and professional and ready to focus solely on the student – no personal business allowed during your time!

Our instructors are kind, encouraging, patient, and able to teach in a way that the student feels comfortable. We treat every student as if he or she were our own family. We genuinely care about creating safe, skilled drivers and making Orange County a better place in the process!

Seal Beach Driver’s Education – Safety 1st Driving School

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