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Rolling Hills Estates Driver's EducationWelcome to Safety 1st Driving School! We are proud to be Rolling Hills Estates’ premier choice for driver’s education. You have plenty of choices for driver’s ed in Orange County, so why should you trust Safety 1st? Here’s just a little bit about what sets us apart from the rest:

1. Our instructors ROCK.

Parents want certified instructors who are experienced and who have been background checked and cleared as safe adults. They want someone who is responsible, will show up on time, looking professional and ready to focus 100% on the student. They do not want an instructor who is going to conduct personal business during the student’s driving time.

Safety 1st meets ALL our parents’ criteria. Our instructors are DMV certified and undergo rigorous training and background checks by Safety 1st. We have a zero tolerance policy for instructors who do not adhere to our strict standards of conduct and professionalism. They will show up on time, EVERY time, clean and professional, and will perform their job with excellence.

Students want an instructor they can feel comfortable with. Someone they don’t mind – perhaps even enjoy! – being stuck in a car with for two hours at at time. Our instructors are warm, friendly and easy to get along with. They are patient and encouraging, ensuring each student is taught according to their individual strengths and weaknesses, and they treat each student as if he or she is a member of their own family.

Every student will be given our undivided attention during each driving lesson. We do not allow piggybacking – only one student per vehicle. Period.

2. More driving time!

Our $30 online course provides an excellent foundation for learning to drive. But the real learning comes when you get behind the wheel. At Safety 1st, we take advantage of that precious driving time. While most driving schools log about 15 miles per behind-the-wheel lesson, we log 30-40 miles!

We also offer free pickup and drop off for all our students.

3. Our unique Grading Systems keeps students (and parents) in the know.

During each behind-the-wheel session, the instructor is making detailed notes in a program on his or her iPad. The program gives the student a grade for that driving lesson, which is then discussed in detail with the student and parents. This ensures that the student always knows what is expected of him or her, what we will address in the next driving lesson, and what areas they need to be focusing on in their practice driving time with a parent (or other licensed adult over 25).

Don’t have a parent to drive with? No problem – Safety 1st has a number of behind-the-wheel packages to ensure you get all the driving time you need to get your license!

Rolling Hills Estates Driver’s Education – Safety 1st

Contact Safety 1st today with any questions you may have, or to get started on your driver’s education. We look forward to meeting you!