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Great morning ride!
“Was expecting it to be awkward and not fun for my first lesson but my teacher Martha was the total opposite she was great and made it a good, comfortable and very helpful experience! Although i thought I knew mostly everything about driving before this lesson in those 2 hours she taught me the most important thing to be a safe and cautious driver. Really recommend this school and her!”

– Jessica A.

“He is professional and knowledgeable . Spent enough time to review the laws. This lesson made a big difference in my learning “

– Sara A.

Driving Instruction
“Herman is a great instructor who is very thorough and patient. I appreciate his professionalism and commitment to safety. I would recommend him and Safety 1st to a friend. “

– Janet L.

Best Experience
“Safety 1st Driving School has been amazing! They booked my last two appointments in time for my license test even when I gave them late notice, they are super helpful! Also the driving instructors are amazing! This school is extremely worth checking out!”


Great service
“The online study questions and tests were good, the certificate was mailed within 3 days (although I’d have preferred if it could’ve been emailed immediately) my first driving appointment was set up right away and the instructor, German was great! The driving school car was neat and new, I’d recommend this program to anyone!”

– Adam S.

First Lesson
“Having had no driving experience behind the wheel whatsoever, I was very content with how much I learned the first lesson. Although uncomfortable driving at times (on certain roads and under certain conditions), I was very impressed with the patience my instructor had. My nerves quickly vanished once I found out that the instructor has control of the gas and the brake and can reach over and take control of the wheel whenever things get out of hand. My first lesson went way better than expected.”

– Gabriella H.

Happy Customer
“This school is amazing. I would get so nervous & scared driving on big intersections. Thanks to my instructor Brian I can now say I can drive with no fear. He was nice & very patient the whole time. I definitely recommend this school. Thanks again Brian & Safety 1st School. “

– Karen A.

Highly Recommend
“All the drivers were polite and on time. My son gained valuable driving instruction and was comfortable with every instructor. They really worked to get the days and times we needed with our busy schedule. I will recommend them to friends with children needing drivers ed. Thank you Safety First Driving School. It was nice to work with professional people who take pride in their job. “

– Cindy B.

My first lesson
“It was very helpful, learned a few new things. I, myself stuggled with looking in my mirror and over my shoulder, I would just drive like I’m the only car on the road. My instructor Brain got me in the habit of constantly looking around and over my shoulder when switching lanes. Thank you for the experience!! “

– Melinda H.

First lesson
“Very helpful. Instructor consistent about things I need to keep working on and calm when things were wrong. “

– Megan S.

“Called them in the morning to figure out an account issue and scheduled my lesson on the same day!! Instructor, Kat, arrived right on time and she drove me to school parking lot. We practiced left and right turns and just getting comfortable with the car. We then moved to neighborhood diving and then the street. I enjoyed it and learned a lot! She was very friendly. I would definitely recommend to others!!!”

– Caitlin K.

Overall Experience
“All 3 lessons were very helpful and I passed my driver’s test with no problems because of the good instruction. My parents liked the progress report sent after each lesson so I knew what to work on. Thank you!”

– S.L.

Parents and Student review
“We’re so excited and blessed to have Martha Sanchez as our son driving instructor. She’s very helpful and walked through all what my sons needs to know. I would recommend her to our friends and families.”

– Kevin P.

Well done, Safety 1st!!
“This is my 2nd review – first one was concerned with customer service, however, soon after, customer services was excellent! My daughter had great experience with each of her teachers and yesterday Margarita took good care of her so that she could pass her driving test, which she did! Yes, I will recommend this school to others. Thank you for the VIP treatment!”

– B. Dropsy

“I was nervous about driving on the street but the instructors are calm and instructive at the same time.”

– Nicole M.

I passed my test!
“I had Sean the last drive time and he was awesome. He taught me how to parallel park, and gave me great drive test tips. I passed my test! That’s all that counts.”

– Lisa H.

Nice trainers
“I have only had one lesson. So far was a great experience! Make sure you reserve your driving lessons as soon as you can, because they take a while between appointments. Get a confirmation e-mail.”

– C.F.

“Martha is awesome! She is so good with my daughter. Mackenzie is very shy and Martha always makes her feel at ease and very comfortable and confident. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Martha!!”

– Mackenzie P.

Behind the Wheel
“My experience with this school was good. I had one session with Martha who was a very good instructor and she corrected me on all my mistakes and was patient in my learning process. “

– S.C.

Behind the wheel
“My instructor helped me to refine my driving skills and pass my driving test. All lessons were good and helped a lot.”

– Anon.

“Thank you. All lessons were very good and helped a lot. Learned what was needed and was able to explore all the areas that were relevant.”

– Katrina P.

“The service was fantastic and I had a great experience driving and learning from you guys! Thank you so much! Gabriel was very calm and made the driving instruction easy and smooth! “

– Vicente S.

Eva was wonderful
“Eva Melgar was Connors driving instructor. She made Connor feel very comfortable behind the wheel. Thank you Eva for fitting Connor into your busy schedule. We look forward to seeing you next time.

– Cheryl T.

Behind the Wheel
“Before the lesson, I’ve had some practice with driving, but I was still scared & nervous. My instructor really helped push me out of my limits & now I can go on streets confidently! I’ve only had 1 lesson so far but my improvement is off the charts. If you’re scared to learn, I would definitely recommend it!! One con I did find is that they’re pretty booked, so you might be waiting 1 month or more between appointments, but it gives you time to practice & refine the skills they teach you!”

– A.G.

Driving Experience
“I would just like to say I had an awesome experience with Emma. She was extremely engaged with me. She is a great instructor. Would really like to have her for the rest of my sessions!”

– Evan H.

“Each instructor has been fantastic. Each made sure he was exposed to all aspects of driving. Highly recommended”

– Roberta G.

Happy with Driving School
“Did not have any major issues. Instructor was very good. Was on time for the appointments. Would recommend.”

– Kyle P.

Great driving lessons
“My daughter took her driving lessons with Safety 1st. She felt really confident she would pass her driving test. She really enjoyed having her lessons with Martha. I highly recommend her for being a friendly and approachable instructor and making the lesson fun.”

– Larissa L.

Very Helpful
“Eva was very helpful with the freeway and getting ready for test. I would highly recommend her. My daughter said she made it fun.”

– Laura P.

Great instruction
“The instructor arrived promptly at the time specified and after a bit of review the rest of the lesson was spent behind the wheel.”

– Zach Z.

great experience
“Donald was very patient and kind. My son had a good experience for his first time out. He is looking forward to the next lesson.”

– Pleased Parent

Excellent behind the wheel
“Eva was an excellent instructor and was really helpful on my first time out. I would highly recommend Safety First. “

– G.J.

“Finished all three behind the wheel lessons; and I was very pleased! By the third lesson, I was extremely comfortable and felt confident with the information given to me. The instructors were great, Alex and Tyler especially! Passed my test with only 1 docked point.”

– Rhiannon C.

Great company!
“Safety First Driving School is the company to go to. They are on time, give you reminders for when your appointment is, always nice, and very helpful. It’s embarrassing driving a fiat with stickers with safety first driving school on it but you get over it. I feel very prepared now that I have done my courses with them and I’m ready for my test!”

– Norie S.

“The help Safety 1st has given me is great! My first driving instructor was Brian. And he helped me feel comfortable. He first drove me to a parking lot and went over everything and made sure I was okay to go to the street. He made jokes but at the same time he was serious and making sure I did everything right too. My second driving instructor was also good because if i couldn’t get something we would go over it again until I felt comfortable.”

– Estephania O.

Driving lessons
“Very professional and patient instructors. I feel very confident and ready to take my test next month. “

– M.L.

Got the job done with ease
“Instructors always prompt and had good feedback on things to work on. Spent extra time on things we really needed help with, like parking and changing lanes. All in all, a nice program.”

– S.M.

Great Experience
“My instructor was very personable and friendly. He helped me gain confidence in driving. I would recommend this. “

– Shea G.

First 2 hours
“I recently had my first 2 hour lesson with Mani, he was great! Taught me a lot and I was very comfortable. “

– Christopher N.

“All of the instructors I got were great and professional and the all taught me a lot of things that helped me become a better driver.. Strongly recommend this company to anyone who is new to driving.”

– K.A.

Amazing instructor!
“I had my first lesson on June 2nd and it was amazing! Eva made me feel safe, brave and most of all believe in myself. She encourage me to not be afraid and to just go with it but to always have precaution. I absolutely love her! That’s why I changed all my other two lessons with her. Thank you, Eva.”

– Itza R.

“Everything has gone well. Highly recommend. We will use their service again when younger daughter is ready”

– Judith S.

Second Lesson
“Trent spoke very highly of his instructor after his lesson. He said the instructor was very patient with him, and a skilled and competent driver. We would recommend him to our friends.”

– Trent R.

3rd Lesson
“Instructors were all nice and patient. If Safety 1st can use little bigger size car like Honda Civic, that will be even better. (I will take my mom’s Honda Accord to the driving test and her car is bigger and I need to practice with a bigger car)”

– B.L.

Martha – Driving Instructor
“Martha was my Instructor from Safety 1st driving school for all my driving lessons and she taught me driving skills, tips with lot of patience and has been wonderful. She is no doubt the best & top rated driving instructor I would like to recommend to everyone. I got my license in first attempt and major credit goes to Safety 1st Driving school for their flexibility, customer service & instructor Martha. “

– Gnane R.

Great Instructor
“Took my first lesson with Mani Namazi yesterday. He is an excellent instructor! Very patient, good teaching skills and helpful. Really enjoyed my lesson and believe I will gain more confidence by his coaching. “

– Evonne C.

Excellent Driving School
“My twin daughters used Safety 1st Driving School for their behind the wheel lessons. I couldn’t be more pleased. I appreciated the office working with us to schedule our appointments and the emailed notifications. I especially want to thank your instructor Mani Namazi. He is an excellent instructor! Attentive, Caring, patient, and very positive! He was sincere and most helpful with each of their driving needs! He is definately an asset to your Company!”

– Ashley S.

“Safety 1st Driving School experience was great! Very friendly & patient. Made me very well prepared for the drivers test. Took the final 2hr training the morning of my Drivers Test & passed the 1st time. Safety 1st instructor took me to the exact location of the drivers test so I was very well prepared! Thanks again Safety 1st Driving School!!!”

– Ben S.

“E.M. gave me an excellent lesson. She did not get at all agitated, but was calm and instructive. She was nice to talk to and I felt very unstressed in her car. I like her and hope she is able to take my next lesson Thanks very much.”

– Sara C.

Words too less to describe the nice attitude
“I fall short of words to describe how nicely the driving instructor ‘Eva’ taught and instructed me in each and every lane and was very kind and helpful. She was very punctual on each day. A thousand words can be written on how nice the attitude of instructor was I am sure that the other instructors are equally nice. The school is very methodic and even email responses were prompt. I was even given a completion note. Thanks with humble respects.”

– Sunil V.

awesome instructor
“Mani was awesome. He was very patient and specific. He kept me calm and always had very useful advice.”

– C.P.

Calm Patient Instructors
“My daughter had never been behind the wheel before. Her instructor, Mani, was very patient and calm during her first drive. My daughter wanted me to come along, so I was able to sit in the back and observe. He was amazing at putting her at ease. I can’t wait to see how she does at the next two sessions.”

– L.W.

Awesome Company
“My daughter went through her training with Mani so of course we called Safety First for our second child. His instructor, Tyler, was very patient and kind, so far so good. The office is also very competent and thorough sending emails for reminders and receipts promptly. Would recommend to any teen. “

– M.O.

Good service
“The instructor (Tyler) was very kind and in detail explained the rules of the road. I was able to drive in a Fiat and when finishing the course I went from not knowing how to drive to being comfortable to drive on the freeway (depends on the driver). The only con I had was that we didn’t do parallel parking due to “optimal parking space” between cars but otherwise good service. He even took me to the place I would most likely to do my DMV drivers test.”

– K.G.

Great first ride!
“Rachel was a great instructor and I really felt good about my first time out on the road! We went over a lot of material but she did it in a really easy and uncomplicated way!”

– Adam R.

Review by Alexa J
“We had a great experience with Safety 1st Driving School. Our instructor Martha was fantastic! She was very knowledgable and patient. She gave a review of each lesson after and answered all our questions. I would recommend Safety 1st Driving School to all our friends and family.”

– Alexa J.

Sean was great!
“Sean did a great job teaching my daughter her first behind the wheel training. I had heard great things about Sean and was referred to him. My daughter was afraid to get out there driving and Sean was perfect for her. He eased her mind and helped her to feel more comfortable behind the wheel. She learned so much and even taught me a few good pointers. Very happy with Safety 1st Driving School and will recommend to everyone. “

– Taylor Y.

2nd Lesson
“I have had the same driving instructor for both lessons, Tyler, and it has been a great experience. I am able to learn a lot and be comfortable behind the wheel.”

– Amanda C.

“My daughter had a driving lesson with Tyler. My daughter told me that she felt comfortable driving with him and he really made a difference in regards to her driving skill. Tyler is a great young man with valuable experience for the unexperienced driver like mine.”

– Esther B.

Lessons and Test
“I had driving lessons with Deena who was a great instructor. She was really friendly and was a very clear instructor. I enjoyed my lessons with her. I took my test with Alex and he was also very friendly. He really put me at ease before my test and I really appreciate the advice he gave. Thank you both for helping me to pass first time!”

– Eleanor H.

The overall review of Safety 1st Driving School
“The instructors are friendly and have great sense of humor, at the same time, they are responsible and aware of the safety of driving, which they strongly emphasize! The improvement can be done is that the system of making appointment can be more efficient, where they can put the schedule of instructors instead of the student call by phone and repetitively ask! But overall, it is an A+! “

– Derek W.

Herman J
“Herman is amazing!!! I’m so glad I had him for all 3 of my lessons. He would be my first recommendation to anyone who needs driving lessons. “

– Brandy P.

Safety 1st driving school is so amazing that I would recommended to anyone or my friends
“Thank you so much for Mani who was first instructing me. He was so amazing. And patient, and very calm, and even Martha. And Liezel. Thanks so much guys, I had fun driving with you, and I’m hoping to meet you again for my next driving lesson for me to get better and confident and comfortable driving with your help, thanks and God bless!”

– Guibanay P.

Driving Class for teenager
“I am 100% happy with Safety 1st Driving for my son who is 17. I will use them again for my younger son who is now 15. “

– Brandon L.

Behind the wheel driving class
“Alex was very prompt and pleasant when he picked me up for the 2 hour behind the wheel class. Never having a behind the wheel formal class I needed assistance to pass my driving test. He was very thorough and supportive in his critique of my driving. I learned a lot and where I was weak in my driving abilities. It was a success and I felt way more confidant after driving with Alex than I had before. It was a success because two days later I passed my driving test.”

– Stephen C.

I’m so glad I contacted you guys.
“Everyone has been so helpful and the instructor was so friendly. My Granddaughter is the one taking the class but between her, my daughter and myself we couldn’t ask for any better. Thank you so much for your service.”

– Vicki S.

“I was very satisfied with safety 1st Driving School behind the wheel. My instructor was very helpful and gave me very useful tips for when I take my test to get my license. I will recommend this company to anyone who’s looking for Drivers Ed classes and behind the wheel driving.”

– Norie S.

“Safety First Driving School is one of a kind. Their services and instructors are top notch. Glad I chose them.”

– T.L.

Driver Training
“Great experience. All staff and instructors are professional, on time, and prepared. Top notch….recommend highly.”

– Cole T.

Great experience!
“This is our third son to receive driver’s training with Safety 1st. All of them have been great experiences. So far our current 16 year old son has had two lessons with two different driving instructors at Safety 1st Driving School. They have both been wonderful experiences. Our son has enjoyed both lessons and looks forward to the last one in about 6 weeks. Thank you!!!”

– Jody K.

“Alex and Sean were both very helpful and taught me every rule of the road. Shortly after I passed my driving test with flying colors thanks to them. Any questions I had they knew the answer. Thank you for helping me to get my license on the first try!”

– Scott B.

Great Experience
“This is our first time using Safety 1st Driving School, and our experience has been great! Alex (our driver) was professional, a great communicator and took time explaining details. My son had never been on the road and is already feeling confident from his first lesson. From our first phone call to learn about the company and get information, to his first driving lesson, our experience has been good & professional.”

– Susan W.

Great experience
“I like that the instructor gave feedback to us parents right after the session. She also gave us a run down of what the training covered during that session. Very pleasant and easy to deal with.”

– Mariel B.

Amazing service
“I absolutely loved the service!! I had Herman as my first instructor and he made things super easy and made me feel very comfortable. My last 2 instructors I had Taylor and he was just awesome. I felt so comfortable and made I learned a lot. I will be testing in a couple of weeks and I feel so confident. I highly recommend this place.”

– Patsy K.

Extremely Helpful and Patient
“Both of my daughters have used Safety 1st Driving School for their behind the wheel. Both loved their instructors as well as the program’s lessons. The report card after each lesson was also very helpful in knowing what they needed to work on. “

– Candace H.

“Don was an extremely nice instructor and was very helpful in showing me what things would be on the actual license test. I will definitely be making my next appointment with him! “

– Elise W.

“I was nervous about the training, it being my first time. After, I felt more confident and at ease. Don was a cool guy. I would recommend him to my friends.”

– M.B.

1st lesson
“My daughter Emma had Alex as her instructor for her first lesson & he was great! Emma said he was calm which made her more comfortable behind the wheel- Thanks Alex!”

– Cathy S.

“Thank you so much Mr Carlson for your kindness, patience and skill in instructing Kylie. She passed her driver’s test with flying colors and is doing a great job on her own now. We are so grateful to have had you to instruct her on this crucial milestone in a teenager’s life. We will certainly be recommending you to all of her soon to be driving friends.”

– The Isons

Great school
“This school is great because they give you pointers and let you try some maneuvers without instruction. Plus they are there to make your life easier.”

– James M.

Safety 1st
“The instructor was always on time, very helpful & gave good tips. My daughter passed her driving test the first try.”

– Jeannine L.

Great Instructors!
“Very nice community with great instructors! Lesson was great and everything was explained clearly :))”

– A.E.

It is awesome
“I had a great experience during the training. It was fantastic! The instructor is pretty nice, friendly and patient.”

– G.W.

Driving lesson
“My instructor was very friendly and helpful, she gave me plenty of information on how to properly drive as well as tips for the test. “

– Marissa F.

Safety first driving school
“The instructor was very knowledgable and helpful and he provided a very calm and constructive approach to driving lessons.”

– Zach Z.

First Lesson
“My daughter had her first two hour lesson yesterday with DB and it went great. My daughter was nervous at first, but Deena made her feel very comfortable. She communicated with us what she did well and what needed a bit of work. We will be requesting her for our future appointments.”

– Melissa

Very Professional
“We had three different instructors and I was very impressed with how professional each of them were. My daughter learned a lot.”

– S.G.

100% Satisfied with Safety 1st
“I used Safety 1st for a practice session and for the DMV driving test, and I am very happy I did! Both instructors I worked with were friendly and made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. They provided tips and feedback in a stress-free environment. Being with someone who knew the workings of the DMV and the route helped reduce any extra stresses on the drive test day. It was very convenient that they pick you up and that they offer practice sessions in the evening. “

– Sarah B.

“Very pleased with my overall experience with Safety 1st… my driving instructors were all incredibly nice and they helped me pass my license test the first time! “

– Sarah Y.

Great job
“I learned a lot and picked up tips my parents didn’t tell me. I passed my driving test the first time.”

– Bryce A.

Love it!!!
“I’m having a great experience with such a great instructor! Love the program nothing bad I could say about it!”

– J.K.

Safety 1st hits the mark!
“My Son really likes the training and the instructor. I noticed that he is a really good driver. I am not nervous at all about when he drives with me. Most importantly he is learning to drive safely and with that motto, I can rest assured he will be driving on his own safely. Thanks for teaching him, and giving him a foundation to drive safely.”

– Sean C.

Super Instructor
“Alex was awesome! Not only is he personable, he is very knowledgeable, patient and provided me with some key insights and specific skills to focus on improving. I feel much more prepared for the exam after just one lesson!”

– Megan S.

Wonderful experience
“I have Indian driving license. But as of now I am in US, so I needed a brush up skills behind the wheels. In 2 hours (1 hr inside city and another hour in freeway) I felt confident to drive. Thanks to safety first driving school’s highly skilled instructor. Thanks safety first driving school.”

– Aritra M.

Game Changer
“Abbey has had a HUGE phobia of driving. Her instructor not only helped her to face that fear, also actually helped her enjoy driving. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Candace H.

“Thanks for teaching me so well and being so patient with me! I feel very confident and able to pass the test this week!”

– M.H.

Great Experience
“My instructor German was great! My lessons were very calm and comfortable, and I feel very prepared for my test. Definitely recommend!”

– E.E.

1st Day Driving
“Our son had an amazing first day with his instructor. He came back confident and wanting to practice. Thank you Don for being patient and positive.”

– H. M.

Excellent instructor
“Germán is a great instructor. He was very clear when giving institutions very helpful when answering my questions. I will recommend him 100%.”

– Daniel M.

Such a fun behind the wheel
“My first behind the wheel class was super easy. My instructor for this behind the wheel, Shawn, was super funny and friendly. He taught me a lot of tricks and was super helpful. I would definitely recommend Safety 1st Driving School and Shawn as an instructor.”

– Tiffany T.

Behind the Wheel
“First time out was great. Instructor Rachael was professional, encouraging and thorough. Highly recommend.”

– R.H.

Behind the wheel
“I had a great experience working with Don. He was very helpful and very encouraging. I highly recommend him and Safety 1st Driving School.”

– Caylie S.

Best behind the wheel class
“My first behind the wheel class was a breeze, Shawn my instructor is a very good and easy to talk to person, he taught me everything I needed to know and I was very comfortable driving on the streets with him. The Safety First cars are very easy to drive and control, Safety First Driving School is the way to go!!!”

– Sean R.

“Had a fantastic experience with Safety First for my second driving lesson. Highly recommended for anybody starting out with their permit! (:”

– Sarah Y.

“Martha is awesome!! She always makes me feel very comfortable and I am learning a lot from her. Thank you!!”

– Mackenzie P.

“Safety First is fantastic. All three lessons were very informative and educational. The drivers were on time, pleasant, and very professional. They were helpful and prompt when I needed to reschedule an appointment. Safety First was accessible via email or phone every time I tried to reach them. My daughter passed her driving test yesterday! I have 3 more children and I will definitely call Safety First when the time arrives. Thank you Safety First! Working with you has been a pleasure. “

– C.L.

Overall a good experience
“I felt really comfortable driving with all my instructors and they were really helpful on preparing me for my driving test. I especially loved having Manny as an instructor! He’s super funny and helpful!”

– Katie M.

1st driving lesson
“My first lesson was great! Very informative and I look forward to the next 2 lessons. Safety First gives excellent instruction.”

– Parker K.

“Martha was great. Definitely requesting her for my next lesson. She was very calm and patient towards me.”

– T.D.

“My instructor was really nice and super helpful for my first time out on the road. It was very easy to learn from him and very fun and exhilarating.”

– Liliana G.

“Great experience with Safety 1st. Instructor told me everything I was going to need to know and even if I knew how to do something I’d practice anyways. For such a great price as well. I also felt very comfortable with all three of the driving instructors that I had.”

– Makayla M.

Very Good
“The experience was great. I was taught everything that helped me have more confidence going on the road and be more comfortable and I would recommend this to anyone who needs it.”

– Nima R.

Great experience
“All in all my son had a great experience. The company is very professional and has great customer service. Mani was a great driving instructor as he was on time to the appointments and made my son feel comfortable while driving. His feedback was very constructive. I would recommend Safety First to any new drivers.”

– J.

“Very professional. Took all my worries away. The instructor told me everything he was going to go over with my son and even gives progress reports on what needs to be worked on. Recommend this school to anyone.”

– Sean S.

Great experience
“We had a great experience with Safety First. Great price, nice car, professional, timely instructors. We highly recommend. “

– Z. R.

Safety 1st Driving School
“I really enjoyed my instructor, he was very chill but very serious when he needed to be. I really like Safety 1st customer service and their staff as well. I felt really comfortable driving with my instructor because of how free spirited he was and very funny, and also I love driving the Fiat! I am so glad I found Safety 1st Driving School and will advise my friends to go through Safety 1st. Thank you so much! “

– Raycheal A.

great experience
“After discussing the experience my son had on his instruction time I would like to submit a positive review. He seemed to have learned a lot during his time behind the wheel with both of his instructors. Thank you and we look forward to the last class.”

– John G.

“Hi, We recently used Elizabeth on the day of our daughter’s driving test; she was amazing. Our daughter even said she was the most helpful instructor she ever had. She also said she really calmed her nerves and made her feel so relaxed about the test. Elizabeth is a real asset to your business.”

– O.H.

“After doing much research and asking a slew of questions, I feel confident with my decision in choosing Safety 1st Driving School who have an A+ rating with the BBB. I truly appreciate that my daughter had such a positive first time behind the wheel experience with the instructor Elizabeth. She was courteous, polite and professional in addition to being patient and setting my daughter’s nerves at ease. The follow up communication was quick and easy to interpret. Thank you Safety 1st Driving School!”

– P.L.

Bryan’s review
“Bryan did a great job instructing me to drive yesterday! He was very knowledgeable and chill, which helped me drive better!”

– Makayla H.

“My instructor, Rachel is amazing and so helpful. She listened to me and what I needed to work on. She made me feel very relaxed and was super friendly.”

– Corinne F.

my instructor
“I liked how my instructor helped me understand what I need to work on and helped make me relaxed on my first lesson when I was very nervous.”

– J.K.

Thank you so much..
“Thank you to all the driving instructors that helped me to learn to drive. Each one helped me in their own way. I would really recommend Donald, Elizabeth and Martha. Donald gave me more confidence in my driving skills, Elizabeth was really great when it came to parking the car and Martha helped with remembering to keep scanning all around me while I driving once again thank you so much. I would also like to say ‘thank you’ to Maxine in the office who helped me with my every need.”

– Melanie I.

Sean C is awesome!!!
“Sean was a great teacher! He taught me lots of skills so I could pass my driver’s test! He was funny, nice and he made it easy to learn.”

– Drake S.

Elizabeth is amazing!
“Had my first lesson with Elizabeth. She made me feel comfortable and explained things in a way that was easy to understand and apply.”

– Kristin B.

My Experience
“Elizabeth was such a great teacher. She was patient and relaxed which helped me stay calm and focused. I would recommend Safety 1st to anyone who want to learn how to drive with a great instructor.”

– F.H.

Driving Lessons
“First driving sessions went well. My instructor was really nice and funny #tyleriscool. I learned a lot of tricks and things that made the driving, and parking especially, way easier. Overall it was a fun experience, I learned a lot, and drove a lot in the surprisingly short two hours.”

– Pamela W.

My Safety 1st Driving School Experience
“I’m pleased what I learned from this school, it helped me a lot, instructors were good especially Rachel T. It gave me confidence to learn driving on my seniority.”

– Carmelina O.

“Elizabeth is a really great driving instructor. My son Jonathan seems real comfortable with her and his confidence level in driving has improved. Elizabeth is patient and very helpful in ways Jonathan can improve. Thanks for the positive driving experience. “

– Jonathan D.

My experience
“I have had a wonderful experience with Safety 1st Driving School. My three weeks with them was so nice and easy, all the way until I had my License. Please stop waiting, apply now and get your License so that you can drive in California. “

– Elias T.

very pro
“I’m very impressed with the service provided by Safety First. Both teachers were very good. Totally recommend. “

– F.B.

Safest drivers training experience yet
“Thanks to my driver instructor, Mani, I now feel comfortable about my driving completely and am now excited to be taking my behind the wheel test confidently prior to my practices.”

– Genieva B.

Thank you….
“I can’t wait …. This experience is going to make my driving test so easy! Thank you again for your patience and guidance in showing me how to drive.”

– K.S.

#1 place to go driving lesson for orange county & los angeles co
“My daughter just got her license thanks to the dedicated instructors at Safety 1st Driving School. SHAWN. C , my daughter’s instructor, took the time to let me know after every lesson what she could improve on. He also answered all of my questions and concerns about teen driving. I purchased the 5 pack of lessons that provided a total of 10 hours behind the wheel training with DMV package which was great!!

– Devang

1st Driving Lesson
“The instructor who first picked me up was very easy going and calm throughout the course of my two hour lesson. We started off slow just going around my neighborhood and then moved it to the streets. The lesson consisted of many helpful tips and tricks of the road as well as a couple good conversations. It was a really good First driving lesson, and I look forward to a couple more.”

– W.H.

1st Driving Lesson!!
“The instructor was very calm which helped me to relax. He started me out slow and progressed to more difficult traffic situations at a great pace. He was very good at giving instructions & correcting my mistakes without getting excitement. I highly recommend Tyler as an instructor.”

– Benjamin S.

“Instructor was super cool and quite hilarious… I felt that the lesson went very smoothly, without any real stress or rushing. Would definitely recommend to others in the future!”

– Sarah Y.

“WoW. Came to the door picked up took to the DMV and passed no problem. Great Experience. Would recommend Safety 1st to all. All of the Instructors are really good. Don’t even have to request a special one, because they are all great and all friendly to the teens.”

– Rylee Jean H.


– Brandon E.

Great school!
“Love the instructor, and love the car! Great and patient instructor made me as comfortable as can be, love the school and am recommending it to everyone I know!”

– Christopher G.

“This was a review of everything I learned in the first lesson. I learned about making U-turns. No instruction on parking or parallel parking yet. I hope I get that and freeway driving on the third lessons. “

– Isabelle M.

Excellent choice
“My son had his second lesson now. The instructors have all been very professional and take the time to let me know about his progress. I plan to sign my daughter up when she is ready to get her license.”

– S.B.

Safety 1st
“Such a great experience. Daughter so excited to hear she was a good driver and can take DL test. Thanks for all of the help.”

– R.H.

Good experience
“I enjoyed my behind the wheel instruction yesterday. It was informative, gave me positive feedback and built confidence in my driving.”

– Benson L.

A great experience
“I chose Safety 1st because of the vehicles they are using. I knew I wanted to get a Fiat 500, so it totally made sense to learn how to drive in one of them. I was quite nervous about my first lesson and somehow afraid of driving. But my teacher, Alex, took that away right at the beginning and driving with him was so much fun that I really looked forward to my next lesson. In total, I drove with three of their teachers, and all of them were great. I can only recommend them. Thank you guys!”

– Claudia B.

GREAT Driving School
“I had a fun time with Safety 1st. The instructors made me feel comfortable and were patient and explained everything clearly. They were encouraging and made it a lot easier than I thought it would be. They were friendly, always on time and gave a bunch of helpful tips. I really learned a lot with them. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. Shout out to Shawn and Martha they are awesome instructors!”

– R.E.

“This is an excellent school with all new cars, professional instructors and above all satisfaction in obtaining your driver license with Califormia DMV.”

– Misu S.

“I’m kind of late on this but I got my license last week, thanks to Safety 1st Driving School! I would especially like to thank Rachael and Shawn Carlton for being great instructors! And a special thanks to Alex for coming with me the day of the test and giving me some last minute advice! They were all great and it was an awesome experience! THANKS GUYS!!”

– Kadi A.

My first lesson
“Instructor Sanchez was great. I was nervous for my first lesson but Martha Sanchez was patient and informative. She built my confidence and was very supportive and I look forward to the next lesson. Thank you Safety 1st and thank you Instructor Sanchez for helping me get my license. I told my friends to contact you.”

– Rhiannon C.

A senior citizen’s experience
“In order to keep up to date with driving safety, I had a couple of lessons with Elizabeth of Safety First. She was enormously helpful, gracious and patient. She helped me resolve a few problems and gave me a new level of confidence. I highly recommend Safety First Driving School, and instructor Elizabeth to those who seek to improve their driving skills.”

– Mary M.

“Shawn Carlton was great! Funny, informative and positive. I will be ready for my test because of him. He’s an awesome teacher and all around good person. Very real.”

– Drake S.

A mother’s prospective
“I would like to thank Safety First for providing such a valuable service to my teen daughter. The instructor, Elizabeth, was very patient and calmed my daughter’s nerves about the experience. My oldest daughter went through the same program and we had the same luck. I’ve referred many folks to you as well. Your office is very accommodating to our schedules too. Thanks again,”

– Tonja

“FIRST DAY OF DRIVING ON MAIN STREET AND INSTRUCTOR WAS VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE! I enjoyed my behind the wheel instruction yesterday. It was informative, gave me positive feedback and built confidence in my driving.”

– M.D.

Excellent experience!
“Stephen really enjoyed his first behind the wheel instruction yesterday. Shawn was very informative and gave him the confidence to do it and he did really well. Also, they spent most of the lesson actually driving, not sitting on the side of the road which I think is really important. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

– Alice T.

1st Lesson
“Usually, I’m a pretty nervous person. However, my instructor put me at ease right away and built up my confidence on the road. I highly recommend this driving school.”

– A.R.

Safety 1st
“Had a great experience! Liked the instructors I had. Would recommend Safety 1st to my friends. I felt safe in the Fiats that the company uses.”

– Pierce G.

Fantastic – First Time Experience…
“Alex is a great teacher – I am looking forward to my next two sessions and then the driver’s test…. can’t wait!”

– K.S.

I’m ready!
“I am ready for my driver’s test! Thanks for making it easy and fun. Michael was a nice guy and great teacher!”

– David L.

Great Start, Part 2
“Very happy with the training offered by Safety 1st. This is our second child learning to drive and the instructors work do a great job with the students.”

– Dad C.

Amazing service from Alex at Safety First
“I recently arrived in the US and despite driving for 20 yrs in the UK I was really nervous about driving here. I used the CA Guide to pass the written test and l had access to a car to practice. I emailed Safety 1st for help with the driving test. They responded within 24 hrs. On the day Alex collected me around 1 hr before the test. We drove to the local test centre and drove around the various test routes. Alex was great, very professional and knowledgeable. Excellent communicator and supporter!”

– Lisa L.

You feel at ease
“Safety First is a great school with great instructors such as Shawn Carlton. He is relaxed and has an aura of calm about him while you drive. His many stories about being a tow truck driver really give you insight on how scary it can be while piloting a car. Shawn is great in boosting confidence and it really shows in the driving lesson. Safety First is a wonderful driving school. Not only because they teach you how to drive, but they teach you how to survive as well. They really do care.”

– Corey B.

First time driver
“My instructor was amazing and extremely patient. She made me feel very comfortable and confident in my abilities.”

– Ammie B.

“Thank you for helping me out Michael and Shawn I think where awesome :)”

– Joseph

“Learned a ton!! There was so much to reflect from in those two hours I really got my money’s worth and definitely recommend you do the same!!”

– Jonathan S.

Parent of teen driver
“Great company to work with. The instructors were very nice and professional. Scheduling was a snap online. Love the little red cars:) I will (and did) recommend them to my friends!”

– Michele

Great experience!
“Always helpful when working around your hectic schedule. Friendly instructors. Cute cars. Loved the experience!”

– Mackenzie

Glad I did it
“I was putting off getting a license because I thought taking lessons would be a hassle but they came right to my house and it was easy. Great instructor.”


Thank you!
“My son had an awesome experience with your instructor! Your company is terrific. The people who answer the phones, complete the scheduling and register new students do it with a smile, and all my transactions with their office were via phone! Thank you for offering such great customer service.”

– anonymous

Great driving instruction!
“Honestly I was a little worried about doing my driving lessons but as soon as I got in the car I was comfortable. My instructor was very calm and had helpful comments to help improve my driving. Overall I’m very happy with my experience with Safety First!”

– Samanta E.

Great Instructors
“Great instructors – very friendly and helpful. Very happy with school, would recommend. Book early.”

– Rebecca S.

Faced my Fears with Safety 1st
“Finding the right people you can trust to help learn essentials in life as driving and most of all to help conquer your fears – DRIVING, is not easy. Finding Safety 1st was indeed a blessing. Alex who attended to my call was very receptive and understanding of the help I needed. Shawn was very calm, very clear and most of all VERY TRUSTWORTHY which is why I felt safe while taking my first drive on the freeways. I was proven wrong – the freeways are really not that bad at all. Thank you Shawn!”

-Karen T.

Driving School
“I am very excited that I got my drivers license on the first try. Safety First was wonderful and gave me confidence that I could do it. Thank you, I will tell all my friends.”

– Brady B.

Great Driving School!
“I would highly recommend Safety 1st Driving School- they are affordable and the staff/instructors very friendly and helpful. Thanks Safety 1st”

– Senna T.

Long waiting time for next appointment
“Our Instructor Michael was very friendly and encouraging. My son really wants to get more classes in a month so that he can improve his driving skills. We got another appointment with 4 weeks gap.”

– T.P.

Behind the Wheel #1
“The instructor was very helpful and explained in detail things that I needed to know. Can’t wait for my next class.”

– Zachary A.

1st Drive
“The instructor was great. He showed up on time and made me feel comfortable. Alex was calm and didn’t make me feel nervous. I look forward to my next session! “

– Rachel R.

Great Lesson
“Great teacher (Manny) and also professional demeanor as well. The first time I used this and very satisfied for their service.”

– M.H.

Learn to drive safely and confidently
“I couldn’t be happier using this program. Instructor is punctual, patient and professional. Able to give really constructive criticism and explain the reason it’s safer to do certain things. I can understand why their rating is so high. I would recommend this driving program to anyone.”

– E.W.

Good Driving School with Reasonable Prices
“I did a 6 hrs driving course. Thank you to my instructors Rachel T and Michael S  who are professional and very good teachers. Definitely recommend this driving school – got my license on first try. Cost of the course is also low compared to different driving schools in Orange County.”

– S.M.

Behind The Wheel
“The service is very professional and affordable. Tailored to the customer’s preferences. They scheduled my daughter’s behind the wheel training with convenience.”

– L.V.

“At first I was very nervous to drive but then my instructor made me feel very confident in my driving ability! It was a very fun and easy experience with little to no stress and I can’t wait to learn more about driving!”


“My daughter’s behind the wheel lessons were with Rachel who was friendly and outgoing. Made sure that I was comfortable with the process; answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. After the lesson, I received a summary of the driving lesson and what my daughter needs to work on. Rachel also gave me recommendations when to schedule the next two behind-the-wheel lessons. A very positive experience!”


Passed His Driving Test First Time
“My son drove all of his 56 hours, including 10 hours of night driving with mostly Elizabeth, and Shawn, and on day of test with Shawn Carlton. I am so grateful to all. They are the best. Alex who setup the whole thing for me rocks. Thank you for being such professionals, kind and caring.”

– Marjan M.

First Behind the Wheel Lesson
“Mike was great, he was understanding and calm. We drove for 2 hours and Mike gave me instruction the whole time. I was nervous when we started and was fine by the time we were done.”

– Kyle K.

Great Instructors
“They have great instructors and I definitely learned a lot from them. I am much more comfortable behind the wheel. Plus, they gave me a great deal and a discount because I live in their area and give you $20 every time you refer them to a friend. I’m definitely going to refer them to everyone! Thank you so much!”

– Y.C.

Great instructors
“Mani and Alex were great instructors. They prepared me to pass my test with only missing one point! Mani and Alex were very personable and easy to talk with and ask questions. Thank you so much for teaching me to be a great driver! “

– N.P.

Time well spent
“I informed my instructor about some issues I had with my driving technique. She was able to concentrate on these, to the point that after 2 hours of practice, I knew that my problems had been completely solved. I consider that my time was very well spent. Good job, and thank you!”

– A.M.

Made me feel better
“I was able to talk freely with my instructor about my insecurities. He was understanding and after 2 hours behind the wheel I feel much better. Thank you!”

– M.S.

What a Service!
“I couldn’t beliieve how much I was getting for my money! Their 10-hour DMV package is amazing and they honestly do a great job. It is easy to tell that they really care about what they’re doing and that they want to contribute safe drivers to society. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants their children to have quality driving instruction and a safe experience on the road. Great job you guys!”

– Hadi H.

Excellent Experience!
“Very happy with our experience with Safety 1st Driving School! I highly recommend their school! There are some very bad schools out there, I never had a minute of concern with Safety 1st. I wish I would have used them for my older child as well. I liked that the instructors took the time to speak with the parents before and after each lesson. I did not feel like I was sending my child out with a stranger and that is key. Thanks for the great experience! Will recommend you to all my friends!”

– H.K.

Driving lesson
“I really like this place because, the instructors aren’t boring and don’t make it awkward when you’re driving. They put you in a very comfortable environment and they always welcome new questions. Thanks to them I passed my drivers license test today!”
– K.V.

Safety 1st has glowing reviews online and these reviews are well-deserved. They are very flexible in scheduling sessions and the instructors are friendly and helpful.
– K.C.

The phone support staff were courteous and efficient. I had my appointments confirmed and managed through their web system including automated reminders. My instructor Elizabeth was effective and warm. Had 4 hours of coaching.

– AP Bindusaran

Fantastic driving training with peace of mind
My son was so comfortable with Elizabeth who is a calm and cool instructor. He looked forward to each of his lessons. He also drove around few of his lessons with Sean who is also a great instructor. Thank you Alex, Elizabeth and Shawn for making this a positive and wonderful experience.

– Kaivon M

Awesome first time driving training
“I would like to thank Sean for the great instruction of my first day training. I felt that I have learned a lot from him, but there is more that I still could learn. Look forward to next training appointment. I recommend Sean to anyone who wants to learn from a very knowledgeable guy.”

Joseph G.

First behind the wheel driving
The instructor was great his teaching method was very effective for teenagers like me as he relate the driving to gf game that I love playing Thank you Shawn

– Shant M.

Great Training
Manny was awesome with my son. He came back from the lesson with so much more information than we even knew ourselves. I HIGHLY recommend this school for its ease and convenience.

– Gail G.

Patient and Knowledgeable
Shawn is a very good instructor. He is nice, helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I learned a lot from his instructions, which would enable me to become a better driver. Safety 1st Driving School is an excellent Driving School.

– Anh N.

Passed my driving test today. Thank you
“I personally would like to thank Michael for taking me through this. He is absolutely awesome and even though I have been driving in UK for 26 years he got me through my test first time here in California. I would like to thank you Michael once again and also to highly recommend him to anyone. Great company to take your lessons with, I could not fault the company, and I had to cancel my one appointment but they were very nice about it and would highly recommend them.”

Julie B.

Very pleased with each instructor..very knowledgeable and professional, very helpful and encouraging. I had a review lesson with Michael S. the morning of my driving exam that gave me confidence, and I passed!


Highly recommend
“Mani was teaching me very patiently. He always reminded me about the rules for safety. I had a really good experience learning driving. I highly recommend this driving school. In fact I will refer my relatives to Safety 1st Driving School in the future. “


Great Experience
Elizabeth was very patient and really kind towards our daughter. She learned so much and feels very prepared for her license test. I would definitely recommend her to others!


We signed up our daughter with Safety 1st and the instructor Rachel was great! She had patience, helped “Mom” calm down, and gave pointers on what my daughter needed to work on from one visit to the next. I would definitely recommend their service.

– Katrina R.

Sean Was Great!
“We signed up our son with Safety 1st and the instructor Sean was great on the first visit. He was very detailed on the car instruction and showing what is important in maintaining the car. He had tons of suggestions for safe driving.”


Awesome teachers
Safety first is awesome. We have twin boys and have worked with three of them and they were all professional, courteous and my sons had a great driving experience and they LISTENED to what the instructors taught. Very very happy mom!!!!!

Lisa D.

Helped Me Pass
Safety 1st Driving School has some very good instructors and I can genuinely say I became a much better driver through their lessons. All the instructors were friendly and open and gave me room to make mistakes without making me feel like I was about to crash. The driving section was overall good. My only slight complaint is that the online course needs some updating. I found a few grammar mistakes and some parts were taken directly from articles on the internet.


Great experience!
“This was an overall great experience and got me prepared for my test. I passed the first time, missing only two! Thanks Alex & Sean!”

Nicholas W.

Excellent Experience
“I am very pleased and will recommend this driving school to friends and family. The instructor was friendly and encouraging. He gave some great driving tips. Great price value as well.”


“Mani trained me. He is professional. He gave me confidence in my driving skills. He also showed me many tips for how to pass the DMV exam.”


“This school was great…no problems. The instructor, Shawn Carlton showed up every time on time, and is the best teacher ever! He made lessons so fun and relaxed. He gave me lots of help and tips to pass the driver exam. I would recommend this school to anyone.”

Jose A.

“Safety 1st instructors are great people. Very professional and courteous and very knowledgeable and accomodating. I recommend them 100%.”


“Our daughter has some driving experience; however we wanted her to experience lessons from an instructor, who may offer additional safety tips and additional Behind the Wheel hours. Safety 1st has great customer service and driving instructors.”


“Elizabeth trained me. She is excellent. She is very good, friendly and positive. She was always on time. Her instructions gave me lots of confidence to go for the test and pass the test. Alex helped me schedule. He is also good in the administrative side. Overall Safety 1st Driving School is good and provides great customer service. I definitely recommend this school .”
Indira R.

Alex is the greatest!
“Thank you for the support, knowledge and confidence in the one-on-one drivers training. Alex was so patient and positive through the entire process. Carla was very flexible with scheduling and communication.”

Faith D.

Great find!
VERY nice and professional instructors. They were on time and were very patient. Great company to work with, highly recommended!


Good Job
“My daughter felt comfortable with her instructors and learned a lot behind the wheel. She feels ready to take her driving test. Thank you!”

Katherine’s Mom

“It was a good time to learn about the road. And Shawn Carlton was an amazing teacher.”

Dylan M.

“Excellent! The teacher truly cared about my safety. This school truly lives up to it’s name. Top notch.”


“I thought the training was great and so were the two instructors I had. They were very nice and informative. I would totally suggest using this company.”

Korey M.

“My daughter had her first lesson with Monte and felt very comfortable. She is looking forward to the next appointment.”


“They were very informative and helpful and competitively priced. We were able to schedule the 1st session immediately. The instructor was prompt and my son had a great first experience. Thank you.”


“Safety First was fantastic! My daughter just got her license, first try! I would highly recommend Safety First to anyone looking for a driving school. Thank you Safety First!!”

Ashley M.

“My daughter had her last class with Shawn 2 days before she took her license test. He made sure she knew everything she needed to know for her test, which made her less nervous about taking it. Minus ZERO! Thanks Safety First.”


“I would like to write a small review, my instructor was Shawn, I took my driving test for the 3rd time today and passed. This was my first time taking driving school and it definitely helped, I appreciate your guys’ service and time coming out here to give me lessons. I am very confident that I won’t get into trouble on the road thanks to this school, everyone was very friendly and understanding, hope you all have a great holiday season.”

Tyler B.

“The BEST teacher ever! Shawn is patient, fun, and does not make you nervous. I can’t wait for my next class.”

Jose A.

Great Instruction
My son took all 4 of his lessons with Elizabeth. She was a great instructor. He just passed his driving test.

– J.B.

“I’ve been a student under Shawn, and all I’ve wanted to say is that I’ve had an awesome experience with Safety First Driving and meeting Shawn.

To have this experience to drive under provision of such a person with a vivid personality like Shawn Carlton was a pleasure and I would be glad to refer more students to Safety First Drivers Ed.

I’ve learned a lot, and still I wish I could have even more time to practice driving with Shawn and I believe all others will enjoy their time at Safety First to successfully get their license and become a new safe driver.”

Ryan H.

They will put you at ease
“I was a bag of nerves when Shawn picked me up for my behind the wheel test, but he was such a positive person helping me keep my cool and making sure I was relaxed and not make it a big deal in my head. He put me so much at ease that I cracked the test with a smile. The people at Safety 1st were very helpful and cooperative. Thank you!!”


I had simply amazing experiences with Safety 1st Driving. The instructors are knowledgeable, fun and engaging. They explain the mechanics of driving as well as the rules of the road thoroughly and are always available to answer any questions you might have. I always looked forward to my lessons because the two hours seem to fly by! Their online course follows the exact rules expressed by the DMV and provides multiple quizzes to test your knowledge and ensure that you will pass your permit test. Now that I have completed both their online course and behind the wheel training, I am a confident, and safe driver. I wholeheartedly recommend their service for every teenager!


Excellent Service and Instruction
“My daughter just passed her driving test yesterday and we couldn’t be happier with the instruction she received from Safety 1st. With a 16 year old there were a lot of cancelled appointments and rescheduling due to conflicts and Safety 1st was always helpful and never annoyed. Instructors were awesome!”


Great School, Great Price!
“My son just had his 1st lesson with Shawn. Excellent instruction and excellent customer service. I would highly recommend Safety 1st to anyone looking for quality driving education.”


Knowledgeable, patient and a wonderful instructor
“Alex was a great teacher, on time and met us at our convenience. They allow a parent to come. Alex was professional, he made me comfortable behind the wheel. I highly recommend him. Alex was very straight forward. He gave me his cell number, in case I had any questions. I was nervous driving in heavy traffic. Alex helped me with that also! Thanks so much Alex and Safety 1st Driving School!! “

– T.G.

Good and Calm Instructor
“I took a two hour lesson from this driving school last August 2013. Alex Namazi was my instructor. He was polite, punctual and amicable. He kept his calm even though it was my first time driving an automatic. It was a very helpful lesson to brush up on the rules for driving. I give 4 stars because of the minor mishap with payment and unclear ad on Yelp. It was quickly resolved though and I got a discount so it was all good. I recommend this school for other first time drivers.”

– A.C.

“Elizabeth was very patient, professional, informative and friendly. She always arrived on time and was very patient when teaching. Thanks for helping me learn to drive!”

– S.B.

Driving School
“Mani was great! He showed up on time and was very courteous. I highly recommend this course! The Fiat I drove was easy to get to around.”

Estella B.

“I had a fantastic experience learning to drive with Alex. Alex is a wonderful teacher and also a wonderful friend. He is very patient and efficient. He covered everything in the test and made the test really easy to pass. Highly Highly recommend!!!!”

Weikuan S.

Fantastic learning experience for senior driver
“I have been driving for more than 50 years,but thought that it would be a good idea to take a lesson from Safety 1st Driving School in preparation for an upcoming driving test. At the end of the lesson, I felt confident that the facts I learned would ensure a successful test. It was first rate!”

Anne M.

“Before I took lessons with Safety 1st Driving School, I was too nervous to drive on the roads. My first lesson had me driving on the roads with ease and comfort! Great experience.”

– Y.Y.

“I passed my very 1st driving test today!!! Yay!!! Alex was my instructor and there is no way I could have gotten  my license without him!!! He is patient, easy going and knowledgeable 🙂  I still remember the 1st lesson I had with him, it was in a plaza parking lot and Alex was extremely patient with me! Thanks again to Safety 1st Driving School and Alex!!!”

– Linda W.

“My daughter just got her license thanks to the dedicated instructors at Safety 1st Driving School.  Alex, my daughter’s instructor, took the time to let me know after every lesson what she could improve on. He also answered all of my questions and concerns about teen driving. I purchased the 4 pack of lessons that provided a total of 8 hours behind the wheel training. Then I even went on to add the DMV package which was great!!  With the DMV package my daughter got to drive to the DMV for the exam in one of the Safety 1st cars with her instructor. No parental stress!!  She passed the behind the wheel portion (and the written part) on the first try!!  I’m glad I found this place and I will recommend them to every parent that is looking for a reasonable and dependable drivers training program.”

– Cheryl J.

“Without a doubt, the quality and professionalism of Safety 1st Driving School is unmatched. Most individuals have the joy of earning their drivers license as a teen, I myself am a thirty-something-year-old who has been fearful of driving from an incident in my teens – since then, fear has been debilitating. Taking more lessons was something that wasn’t even an option, mentally of course. As a first step in overcoming my fear, the respect and dignity that I was treated with (via telephone) with Angela helped me actually commit to signing up for lessons. She was not only understanding of my situation but provided hope. In essence, without her compassion over the phone, I would still be just toying with the idea. Thank you Angela!

Alex, my instructor was phenomenal. He was patient and offered his expertise. Not only did he help unlock my confidence, but he also provided memorable “tips” in learning the skills to become a safe and confident driver. With each lesson, we would follow up on the previous lesson and then continue on with more skills…celebrities even helped out, to remember to do certain things 🙂  I really cannot express in words my gratitude for Alex’s time, skills and approach at learning – he is a natural teacher. Thank you Alex!

Hands down I would recommend Safety 1st Driving School to anyone, be it a parent looking for a quality driving school for their teen driver, or for individuals like myself who need the compassion and skill of those willing to help shed the layers of fear.

Thank you Safety 1st Driving School – you are wonderful!”

– Kim S.

“Today I passed the test with a few simple mistakes only. My only mistakes were I did not emphasize that I looked around to check the traffic.

Honestly, I was really afraid to start to drive in Orange County.

One of the instructors, Alex, taught me from the very basics and after 8 hours driving with him I was able to pass the test very easily.

Personally I really appreciate him, he is a very talented teacher as well as a good person.

Please tell Alex that I really appreciate his lessons and give him my thanks.”

– Sergey

Wonderful experience!
“We found Safety 1st Driving School easy to schedule appointments, easy to change appointments when necessary, professional and LOVED having Mani help our son learn to drive! He was friendly, professional, punctual, and very informative. The office staff was helpful in guiding us through what forms are needed for the driving test and even sent us a replacement free of charge when my son misplaced his originals. Thank you Safety 1st Driving School!”

– Jackie K.

“I would like to say thank you to my instructor, Elizabeth. She was awesome!! Very cool and nice – thanks soo much! ^•^”

– Chantelle

“I really like my instructor, Alex. He is very polite and his lessons are useful. He explained everything to me from the basics, and after 4 hours behind the wheel I feel very comfortable on the road. Thank you, Alex!!”

– S.Z.

“Thanks to Safety 1st Driving School, I passed the behind the wheel test the first time. It is amazing!
I would never think that I would pass the test the first time. Teachers are patient; they will have you practice over and over till you are perfect. They will remind you to be scanning while you drive. They will pinpoint your weakness – you can really learn how to drive with them. Thanks again for your great help.”

– Lotus

Very friendly
“My son recently completed the driving training with Mani. Mani was friendly and relaxed throughout the experience. He even went above and beyond by meeting us during his off time to sign a duplicate learner’s permit. The experience was extremely positive.”


“Hi this is Dalal, I would like to thank Mani for the classes and everything he taught me. I never drove in my life before and I really learned  a lot – a lot  a lot from him! He is awesome, amazing and perfect. I passed my exam today the first time and I just had six mistakes – none of which was in the driving, it was in signals and stuff. This means he is an excellent trainer, I swear, I don’t know how to thank him and thanks to you guys for everything!”

– Dalal A.

Knowledgeable, Reliable
“Great experience… would recommend to anyone without hesitation. Mani is a patient, experienced instructor and put us all at ease. The office staff returns calls quickly and scheduling appointments is easy.”

– S.B.

Amazing Experience
“This school goes above and beyond what I expected. Mani, my instructor, was very personable and patient. He was great at making sure I was driving safe constantly, and made sure I developed safe driving habits. Mani was always kind, respectful, and funny. I was nervous at first, but driving with Safety 1st Driving School made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel. I highly recommend new drivers to enroll at Safety 1st Driving School. “

– Shaun R.

Last Friday, May 24th, 2013 my wife passed and received her first drivers license here in California. We would like to thank Mani (our driving instructor) for making this happen. Mani is an excellent teacher with an enormous amount of patience and skill in teaching such a stressful class as driving. His attitude is charming and very kind. He is very friendly and makes his student feel very relaxed and comfortable. We will gladly recommend your school and Mani to anyone we know who needs driving instructions. Thanks again!

– Gary F.

How I succeeded..
“I’m so happy that I went to Safety First Driving School because it prepared me for my driving test and taught me all that I needed to know. My instructer Alex Namazi was simply amazing. He was very patient and understanding and taught me everything step by step. I can honestly say that he was the reason I passed and got my drivers license. A big thanks to Safety 1st Driving School and a special thanks to Alex. P.S. I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends. “

– Rana K.

Professional and Wonderful!
“Elizabeth is GREAT! She is so patient and professional! I passed my first exam very smoothly after I took the class! “

– S.X.

Great Training & Service
“Very professional, thorough training and on time. Office staff is very nice and great customer service. “

– Michael C.

“It was a great expierence. The instructor was great. The instructor was helpful – he explained to me what I needed to improve on and how I did.”

– Matthew A.

Pretty Awesome
“They are helpful, from the basics to any advance training the client wants. They aren’t too expensive and are extremely nice. If I ever need some more driving help I am going to come back. Go Manny!”


Super happy!
“Alex is the best instructor ever, I was able to drive on the street already in an hour!”

Taylor R.

“I am very happy with the training and high level of customer service we received. Alex did a great job! My daughter in law passed the test the first time! Thank you!”

Melanie C.

“Couple of months ago, I registered for 6 hrs behind the wheel training, and I had no driving experience at all at that time. So, I started from the zero.

Yeah, I haven’t tried any other school since then, but when I needed more practice, I automatically called them because they were just PERFECT and they have a really very good customer service. I registered for another 6 hrs + DMV package.

Even though I did only 2 hrs of driving on my own, I passed the practical test at the very first time!
I didn’t need to do the whole 50 hrs training! And that’s AWESOME!!

Wish you all the best,”
– Ibtisam A.

Great Lesson and great instructor!

“Great instruction! Good, knowledgable and friendly instructor. The vehicle was great and awesome to learn on.”

Lukas B.

Great Lessons
“Alex and Mani are both excellent in guiding you to the necessary ways to pass your driving test with flying colors. Managed to get only 4 mistakes during my test. They provide detailed and clear explanations so you feel safe and calm while preparing for your test. Good luck out there and don’t be afraid to chat with them! “

Andrew W.

Alex is great!
“My first lesson with Alex was great. He explains the rules really well and made it interesting at the same time. I look forward to my next lesson!”

Ashane G.

Mani was great to work with. He made the whole experience fun. It was easy to relax and enjoy my first driving lesson. Thanks Mani!

Chandler B.

Thank you so much for helping me become a better driver!! Thank you to Alex for making me so much more comfortable driving! I passed my test because of Safety 1st! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I’ll never forget Safety 1st! Can’t wait to start driving on my own! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kara P.

Amazing Instruction
Our family is thrilled to have used Safety 1st. Alex made our son’s first time behind the wheel stress free and was more than patient. His instruction was extraordinary and informative. Will definitely recommend Safety 1st to all our friends with upcoming drivers. Thank you!

JoLin A.

I am so glad I decided to go with Safety 1st because I was really nervous about driving. But, Alex made the experience so much less stressful. He was thorough and patient. He gave me tips and pointed out the little things and big things that would help improve my driving, not only for the test, but also just in general. I feel so much more comfortable driving now. Thank you Safety 1st.


My experience with Safety 1st was great. They were accomodating from the start. Classes were scheduled immediately, the trainer (ALEX) was great at being thorough, patient and giving instructions. He provided insight on DMV procedures which were invaluable and lessened the stress related to getting your first driver’s license. Thanks Alex and Safety 1st.


Best Driving Training
I had my license after only two days and I want to thank Safety 1st Driving School because I really benefitted from their training and advice! I had a great time during training with MANI – he really was a good trainer and he gave instructions even on small and simple things which I really got benefit from in the exam. Thank you MANI!

Saman Q.

I would like to say, I thought Safety 1st Driving School was great. They were very professional, and always on time. My son really enjoyed his driver Mani and I thought he was very friendly. I will refer you guys to anyone who might need a driving school. Oh, let don’t let me forget— sooooo reasonable priced.

Thanks again,

Brenda G.

My whole learning experience was great, so I definitely encourage everybody to give Safety 1st Driving School a chance. I did a lot of research online and I decided to go with them not only because it was the most affordable option, but also because they treated  me with respect and care from the very first call.

My instructor was Alex.  He is super friendly and an amazing teacher. You can tell he knows what he is doing because he remains calm – even on the freeway! 🙂
I must mention that I love the car that I drove because it’s super easy to drive and very safe too.

I took 8 sessions (2 hours each)  and all exceeded my expectations. Now I feel confident and safe driving since I know what I am doing.

I’ve been practicing with my husband using our car for a week now and I have my driving test on Monday which I am pretty sure I will pass! 🙂

Blanca M. 

Safety 1st Driving School has a cool instructor who is easy to connect with and learn from. He makes it fun, and he actually cares and wants to teach.


I recently had the opportunity to take driving lessons with both Mani and Alex. Being new to the country I am extremely pleased that I went with Safety 1st Driving School as my first choice, as it was money that was definitely well spent.

Their dedication towards their students driving performance is impeccable.

Knowing that they care so much on how you are as a driver really gives you a positive feeling and makes the lessons very enjoyable.

I will most definitely be recommending anyone I know that is looking to learn how to drive.
I wish you guys all the success.

Thanks again for all the help.

Sobhia Y.

I passed! Safety 1st is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, on time…five stars…great people. Would recommend to others.


We couldn’t be happier with Safety 1st Driving School. My son really felt comfortable and is looking forward to his next two lessons. The instructor, Alex, really impressed me when he explained to me everything they would be working on with my son.


I feel very comfortable with Safety 1st Driving School, and I had a very happy time in there. They are pretty responsible; every single course is very helpful and clear. After I finished the whole 10-hour course, I feel confident about my driving skills, and I just want to say they are the best driving school in Irvine. I’ll definitely recommend them to my friends.
Derrick S.

I would like to thank and commend Safety 1st Driving School, especially my instructor Mani for being so pleasant, helpful and patient with me. I will surely recommend your company to friends or people I know that needs your help. Keep up the good work.
Rachel S.

After completing my first two hours, I can say that my experience with Safety First Driving School is beyond my expectations & I will refer them to my friends.

Nava B.

Overall the service was excellent. The people were all very easy to work with, very friendly, and very helpful. I was pretty skeptical about having to take a drivers ed. program but after Safety 1st Driving School I’m incredibly happy I was able to. I feel like I learned alot even though I had driving experience. I don’t regret it and I enjoyed the experience. Great choice for driver’s ed!

Edgar G.

Mani, Aaron really enjoyed his driving lesson with you today. He said you were very patient with him and he felt that he learnt a lot. He really liked the car too! Thank you so much for making his first time on the road a great experience.

Safety 1st Driving School is the best
I am so happy to share that Safety 1st Driving School teachers were amazing. They are easy to work with and you will feel comfortable even on the very first day of practice. They give clear understanding of traffic rules and safety. They are efficient and good instructors.

Rhona H.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with Safety 1st. You get a clear understanding of the road and walk away not only being able to pass the test but being a better driver! Mani is an Amazing Teacher. I went to another school who just wanted your money. Safety 1st wants you to pass. Thank you dearly!!

Sachiko S.

I came across this school and I definitely made a good choice. The instructor Mani is so patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. He really knows how to teach you and shows you what to do. He makes me feel confident about driving. I would recommend them without a doubt. Safety 1st is the best!!


Safety 1st Driving School was great. You guys helped me so much. Thank you. My lane changes are so much better now. Thank you so much.

– James L.

I passed my behind the wheel the first time. Thank you Alex. You were great, I am so happy. Safety 1st Drivers ed rocks. You guyz are the best.

– Jennifer H.

Thank you Safety 1st Driving school for your exceptional and friendly service. My son is doing great. After his second lesson, he has been able to fully drive on streets and is not scared anymore. We look forward to completing our third lesson with your school and thanks again for all your help.

– Susan L.

Alex was an awesome instructor. He was really patient and very knowledgeable. I was really scared the first time driving, but since he was so nice and comforting it made it a lot easier. I am now driving with my parents and getting ready for my behind the wheel test. Thank you Alex and Safety 1st Driving School.

– Steven T.

Mani was an amazing instructor. He truly cares. He made sure I was ready not only for my test, but for real life driving as well. He was super friendly, very professional and always on time. The FIATS were amazing.

– Robert S.

“I was very pleased with Safety 1st Driving School. They were very friendly and were always more than happy to work with my son’s schedule. If I sent a message, I always got a quick response. They would also call to remind me of appointments or to set up the next appointment in order to keep my son on track. Best of all my son felt very comfortable with all of the instructors that he drove with, he said “they are so cool”! I will definitely recommend them to all of my friends.

Thanks for the great service!”

Yvonne B.

“Hey! We just wanted to let you know that we are satisfied and very happy with your driving class. The communication was fluid and Isaiah felt very comfortable as a student. Thanks again for all your help, and we will refer whoever comes our way.”

Daniel J.

Safety 1st Driving School has made driving anything but stressful. My family went with Safety 1st, because I needed to get my license. I was out of the country for almost a year, and I could not practice driving, because it was too dangerous: People driving on sidewalks, blowing through intersections, angry drivers, the works. When we came back, I had lost the little experience I had gained. So, when I finally got back behind the wheel, I appreciated how calm and relaxed I felt sitting next to the instructors. They are friendly and supportive, but also very knowledgeable. They constantly remind you to check your mirrors, to look around, and to be aware in general. They also use simple diagrams and markers to show how to safely cross intersections, utilize turning lanes, and reinforce knowing what’s around you. One of the best things for me was demonstrating how large my blind-spots were. Mani, my instructor, had me pull into a relatively quiet parking lot and park. He took several pens in his hand and said to wave when I could see his feet. He stepped out of the car, went around to the hood, then walked backwards till I waved. He placed a pen down, then walked to the back of the car. He walked backwards again till I waved, and he set down another pen. He then told me to wave when I could see him in my side mirrors, and I did so. Mani set down the last two pens and had me get out, showing me where all the pens lay. That small exercise showed me how much I am blind in a car, and reinforced the need to be aware of your surroundings. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about Safety 1st Driving School. The instructors are friendly and supportive, but also knowledgeable and confident. I would encourage anyone who needs to learn how to drive (or get back into driving) to check them out.
Thank you.

Ezel B.

Great service!
The instructor was very good. It was my first time driving and he made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend this driving school to anyone!

– Shelby J. 

I’ve really enjoyed being a student at Safety 1st. Although I had never driven before, I felt very comfortable. I learned a lot, and I have improved so much thanks to them. I will recommend them to all my new driving friends!

Josie G.

They were great! He was on time and very professional. I learned so much and had a lot of driving time . I would totally recommend them!

– From: S.M.

I was very happy with my decision to choose Safety 1st. Their service was excellent, they were extremely courteous and professional and their cars are brand new! I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone who needs driving lessons!

From: I.O.

In the end I could say I made a good call by choosing Safety 1st over other driving schools in the area. Mani as an instructor is excellent: very patient, calm-headed, polite and extremely competent. The service provided by Safety 1st is very flexible, and they go out of the way to suit your schedule and convenience. Would definitely recommend them.


I feel very comfortable with these instructors, they did a really good job, treat me friendly and patiently. I highly recommend this school.


Ultimately I had narrowed down my choices of driving schools to Safety 1st and another driving school. I am completely satisfied with my first lesson and am glad I chose here! I am excited for my future lessons and can’t wait to be licensed!

– Erik R. 

Step 1. Complete our online driver’s education course

Register for our online driver education course. After you complete the required chapters and tests, we will then send you the DMV Certificate of Completion (DL387) that you can take to the DMV when you are ready to take the written test for your learner’s permit.

Our online driver ed course is available to all California residents. You can take our course at your own pace, in your own home in your own time.

Step 2. Study for the DMV written test

You will need to study for the DMV written permit test by reading through the DMV California Driver Handbook. It will benefit you if you take your time and study the handbook so you are comfortable with the information that will be on the test.

Take your time, you don’t want to have to go back to retake the test.

Step 3. Make an appointment at the DMV to take the written exam

It is important that you call ahead of time and schedule an appointment at the local DMV so you can go in and take the written test.

The lines at the DMV are usually very long so you don’t want to waste your time waiting in line. Make sure that you are well prepared for your appointment.

Most DMV’s are open Mondays through Fridays until 5 pm; Some are also open on Saturdays for a few hours so call ahead of time and see which date and times are best for you.

Step 4. Bring necessary documents to the DMV office

  • Complete the application form DL 44, remember the DMV always requires An original to be submitted. Copies will not be accepted in any form, so make sure you have exactly what you need. You can get this form from your local DMV.
  • Have your parents or guardians sign the application form DL 44.
  • Give your right thumbprint.
  • Have your picture taken.
  • Provide your social security #
  • Verify your birth date and legal residence
  • Submit the proper form(s) for Driver Education and/or Driver Training (see below for details)
  • Pay the $28.00 application fee (This fee entitles you to three exams of any type within the 12-month period and pays for both the instruction permit and the driver license. If all requirements are not met within the 12-month period, the application becomes void and all steps must be completed again.)
  • Pass a vision exam, if you need glasses, wear them.
  • Pass a written test, there are 46 questions on the test.
  • You need a passing score of at least 39 correct answers.
  • You have three chances to pass the test. If you fail, you must wait 7 days before taking it again.


Driver Education and Driver Training Form Requirements:

If you are 15  years of age, you will need to bring with you:

  • Form DL 356 or OL 237 (Completion of Driver Education) with form DL 391 (Driver Training Enrollment ) if your school has a contract with a driving school.


  • Form DL 356 or forms OL 237 and OL 238 (Completion of both Driver Education and Driver Training)


  • Submit form DL 391 or OL 239 (Simultaneous Enrollment in Driver Education and Driver Training)


If you are over 15 but under 18 years of age, you will need to submit:

  • Form DL 356 or OL 237 (Completion of Driver Education)


  • Form DL 391 or OL 239 (Simultaneous Enrollment in Driver Education and Driver Training)


If you are over 17  but under 18 years of age, you may get your permit without the driver education and driver training certificates however, you will not be able to take the driving test until you turn 18.

Once you pass your written test, you will be issued a provisional permit. You can be issued a permit at age 15, but you cannot take the driving test or be issued a driver’s license until you are 16 years of age.

A parent, guardian, spouse, or adult 25 years of age or older, who has a valid California driver’s license, must be with you when you drive. They must sit in a position that allows them to take control of the vehicle, if necessary. It is illegal for you to drive alone at any time.

Before being eligible to take the driving test you must:

  • Be 16 years old
  • Have had your permit for a minimum of six months
  • Have completed driver education
  • Have completed 6 hours of professional driver training
  • Have completed 50 hours of practice with an adult 25 years or older. The adult must have a valid California driver’s license and certify to the 50 hours of practice. At least 10 of the 50 hours must have been done at night.


If driver education and driver training were taken in a state other than California, DMV will accept either a Secondary Schools Other Than California Schools form DL 33 completed by the out-of-state school or a letter on the out-of-state school’s stationery signed by a school official stating that the courses are equivalent to California’s requirements. Instructional permits issued by another state are not acceptable

Step 5. Complete behind the wheel training

When you pass the written exam:

  • You are required to take your first 2 hours of behind the wheel training with a professional driving instructor.
  •  You may start behind the wheel training with your parent/guardian or other licensed drivers who are 25 years of age or older.
  •  You must further complete four (4) more hours of driving school instruction.
  • Complete fifty (50) additional hours of behind the wheel training with a parent/guardian or any other adult who is 25 years old or older. The adult must have a valid California driver license and certify that you’ve had the 50 hours of practice. It is required that 10 of the 50 hours of training is done in the evening.

Step 6. Take the driving test at the DMV

To be eligible to take your driving test you must:

  • Be 16 years old
  • Have had your permit for a minimum of six months
  • Have completed a driver education course
  • Have completed 6 hours of professional driver training
  • Have completed 50 hours of practice with an adult who is 25 years or older. The adult must have a valid California driver license and certify to the 50 hours of practice. At least 10 of the 50 hours must have been done at night.
  • You will also need to show registration and proof of insurance for the vehicle you will be taking your drive test in.
  •  If you fail your drive test, you must wait two weeks before you can take the test again. You have three chances to pass.
    • Driving (behind-the-wheel) retest fee is $6.00.
    • Motorcycle driving (behind-the-wheel) retest fee $6.00.


After you pass your drive test you will be issued an interim license valid for 60 days until you receive your new photo license in the mail. Double-check your address before you leave DMV and tell the DMV representative if you have moved or if your address is incorrect.

If you have not received your license after 60 days, call (916) 657-7790 and they can check on the status for you. Have your interim license with you to provide information when requested.

Step 7. Receive provisional license upon passing the driving test

After you pass the Driving Test, you will be issued a provisional license. Your license will have the following restrictions for the next year: During the first 12 months, you are licensed to drive you must be accompanied by a driver 25 years of age or older if you drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. or if you have passengers under the age of 20 in the car at any time.

Persons under 18 may not be employed to drive a motor vehicle. When you become 18, the provisional part of your license ends. You may continue to drive as an adult using your photo license, which will expire on your 5th birthday after the date you applied.