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Beach Bum's Guide to Driving in Snow and Ice

Beach Bum’s Guide to Driving in Snow and Ice

Though you can certainly still surf during Orange County’s “winter”, some beach bums like to trade in their surfboards for snowboards and head up to the mountains for a REAL winter experience! Whether you’re spending the holidays in a cozy log cabin up in Big Bear, drinking hot cocoa and lounging in a hot tub […]

What to look for in a driving school

What to Look for in a Driving School

Researching driving schools for yourself or your teen? It’s a big decision, putting your kid behind the wheel for the first time. It’s likely inevitable, but how do you find the right company? You want your kid to be safe — not only as they learn how to drive, which is a given — but […]

Update: 24 y/o Man Gets 15 Years to Life for Hitting & Killing a Cyclist

Neil Stephany was only 24 years old. He made a HUGE mistake. It cost someone their life. And Neil’s freedom and future. It was October 19, 2014. Multiple people had alerted police to Stephany’s erratic driving, but unfortunately he couldn’t be stopped before he struck and killed 30-year-old bicyclist, Shaun Eagleson. The mistake that would […]

Warning: Voice Texting is NOT Safer than Type-Texting

Top 3 Safe Driving Apps

Our society can be characterized by near-complete reliance upon our gadgets and technology. But it’s weird — these very things which make our lives so much more convenient, and which connect people so much more to the [even mundane] details of each other’s lives, can also be dangerous — even life-threatening. It’s all about balance, […]

Beach Safety Tips

Orange County Beach Safety Tips

We usually talk about safety in and around cars, for obvious reasons (we’re a driver education school). However, we eat, sleep, and breathe safety, so naturally it flows over into other (or ALL) areas of life. We live in Orange County, so we can’t overlook a huge part of our culture, and a major source […]

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Who is most likely to drive drunk?

Another drunk driving accident happened in Costa Mesa last Sunday when a car driving along Canyon Drive went down a 50-foot embankment. Fortunately, the driver and passenger were rescued and suffered only minor injuries. Unfortunately for the driver, he is being charged with felony DUI. You can read more about it here. Who is most likely […]

Teaching Kids Safety In and Around Cars

Teaching Kids Safety In and Around Cars

If you live in or near Orange County, you’re likely familiar with the horrible, tragic death of 8-year-old Brock McCann. Little Brock was riding his bicycle home one day when he was struck by a garbage truck. The precious little kiddo lost his life, and we at Safety 1st Driving School mourn with his parents, family, […]

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Irvine Teen Wins Video Contest about Distracted Driving

Eighteen-year-old Irvine student and budding filmmaker, Claire Offenberger, was named the winner of a national digital video contest for a distracted driving campaign. Over 400 videos were submitted, and Claire won the grand prize, a $5,000 scholarship. Claire was accepted to the USC School of Cinematic Arts, but her plan is to first study film at Orange […]


7 Common-Sense Tips for Protecting Your Car from Theft

We’ve written on this topic before, but after a quick look at the local news, we think it’s high time for a refresher course on protecting your car from theft – whether things in your car, or your car itself. Who knows why people do what they do. Often with theft, money and/or drugs are […]

The famous Chicago River turns green every St. Paddy's Day

St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

It’s almost March 17, the day millions of Americans celebrate their Irish roots (or anyone else’s Irish roots – any excuse to party, right?) by wearing green, eating corned beef and cabbage, and drinking green beer. While St. Patrick’s Day is a very festive day associated with cheer and fun festivities, it’s a day known […]