Driver's Training in Yorba Linda - Safety 1st Driving School

Welcome to Safety 1st Driving School! We are proud to be Yorba Linda’s #1 choice for driver’s training!

You have lots of choices for driver’s ed – why should you choose Safety 1st?

1. Our instructors rock.

We seriously have the best instructors in all of Orange County. They’re DMV certified, knowledgeable, and experienced, they’re super friendly, patient, and encouraging. They are trustworthy and professional.

Our instructors will pick you up on time EVERY time for your driving lesson, they will be looking clean and presentable, and they’ll be ready to focus 100% on YOU.

(Speaking of which, we offer FREE pickup and drop off for all our behind-the-wheel lessons.)

You’ll have a great time learning to drive with a Safety 1st instructor!

2. We are all about Safety, 1st.

Driver's Training in Yorba Linda - Safety 1st Driving SchoolThere’s a reason we have this name. Safety is our top priority, period. Starting with our cars, which are top rated for safety and fully equipped as driver’s training vehicles.

We do not allow piggybacking – in other words, only one student in the car per driving lesson. This keeps the student from becoming distracted (a major safety hazard when driving), and allows the instructor to focus 100% of his or her attention on the student.

Our driver’s training is geared to each individual student’s needs. We go above and beyond to ensure that you learn precisely what you need to learn to safely and defensively navigate the roads of Yorba Linda and beyond.

Sure, we’re proud of our high first-time DMV test pass rates – but what’s much more rewarding to us is sending our students out into the world with confidence that they are safe, skilled drivers.

3. Our unique grading system keeps parents in the know.

We communicate both our expectations and the student’s progress openly and frequently, ensuring both the student and his or her parents are informed along the way. You have a minimum of 6 hours driver’s training with us – and at least 50 hours with your parents (or a licensed driver over the age of 25). So it is crucial that everyone be on the same page.

Our unique grading system works like this: During each driving lesson, the instructor will keep detailed notes on an iPad that will produce a grade at the end of the lesson. The grade will then be discussed with the student and parents. This way you’ll know what you’re doing well, and what you should practice for next time.

4. We don’t skimp on behind-the-wheel training!

Our Online Course is great, and it will provide you with the foundation you need to pass the DMV written exam and begin your driver’s training. But knowledge is not what makes a great driver. What makes a great driver is experience – out on the roads, in various situations.

You may not know this, but most driving schools log only about 15 miles per 2-hour behind-the-wheel session. With Safety 1st, you’ll get 30-40 miles per session! That’s DOUBLE what you’ll get elsewhere!

Driver’s Training in Yorba Linda – Safety 1st Driving School

As you can see, we really care about our students. Our aim is creating safe, skilled drivers to make Orange County a better place. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have! We look forward to meeting you! 949-250-7001