Registration Roadmap

Once you have completed the registration process online:

Online Course

– If you have registered for the online course, you may immediately start the course using your username and password. When you have completed the online course, our office will mail you a Certificate of Completion. At this time you may make an appointment with your local DMV to take the written exam. Take along your Certificate of Completion, Social Security number, and birth certificate (visit the DMV website for any additional documentation that may be required based on your individual status), and pass the written exam to get your learner s permit.

– The online driver’s education course is a 30-hour course (22 chapters) that can be accessed at any time from any location with internet access. This course can be completed on your own time and your progress is always saved. There is no expiration for the online driver’s education course.

Driving Lessons

– Our behind-the-wheel sessions are two hours each and are all private lessons – no piggybacking! We offer FREE PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF for all driving lessons. All our vehicles are equipped with a dual braking system and additional mirrors for the instructor. All our cars are company owned and are covered under our fleet insurance. All our instructors are employees of Safety 1st Driving School, not independent contractors. They must complete all DMV requirements, including live scan fingerprinting, background check, driving record check, physical health check, and more to secure their instructors’ license. In addition, they must successfully finish Safety 1st Driving School’s training program before they can teach our students.

– After completing your first behind-the-wheel lesson, the instructor will sign your permit (if required). At this time you are able to practice driving with an adult who is licensed in the state of California and is over the age of 25 (age might differ depending on the student’s age. Please refer to the DMV website for more details). Upon completion of your third behind-the-wheel lesson, the instructor will issue a Certificate of Completion for driving lessons. You will need to save the Certificate of Completion and take it to the DMV along with your current and valid car registration and car insurance to take your final DMV road test. (Please refer to the DMV website for exact terms and requirements for the behind-the-wheel test that may apply to you). If you have purchased our DMV Package, Safety 1st Driving School will take you to the DMV for the driving test and will provide the vehicle insurance and registration.

– If you are under the age of 18: Once you secure your learner’s permit, you have six months to complete the mandatory six hours of behind-the-wheel training and 50 hours of driving with a licensed adult over the age of 25. (Forty hours should be in the daytime and 10 hours should be at nighttime.) Please refer to the DMV website for additional information and requirements that may apply to you.