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Driving School in Ladera Ranch - Safety 1st Driving SchoolWelcome to Safety 1st Driving School! We are the #1 driver’s education program in Ladera Ranch.

Are you ready to get your California driver’s license? With Safety 1st Driving School, you can get it done in three easy steps!

1. Register for our Online Course

Our online course is approved by the California DMV. It’s 30 hours of interactive, informative, relevant information you’ll need to pass your DMV written exam. And it’s FUN!

Work at your own pace, on your own time, from your home, favorite coffee shop – wherever you like!

Ready to get started? Register for only $29 today.

2. Complete your Driving Lessons

Everyone’s favorite part of driver’s ed is the driving lessons. Getting behind the wheel for the first time is exciting and not a little nerve wracking! Our DMV certified instructors have undergone rigorous training and background screenings to ensure they are capable driving instructors and safe, trustworthy adults.

Your student will feel comfortable learning to drive with a Safety 1st instructor. We are warm, friendly, positive, and encouraging – not to mention professional. No flip flops and messy hair allowed – our guys will show up on time EVERY time, looking clean and presentable, ready to focus 100% on your student.

The Safety 1st Grading System

We have created a unique grading system to keep parents and students in the know at all times. During each driving lesson, the instructor is taking detailed notes, which will produce a grade. After each lesson, the instructor will discuss the grade with the student and parents, including areas needing improvement, so you know exactly what to practice on your own time.

More Driving Time

Of course the book knowledge is important to set the foundation for learning to drive; however, where you really learn to drive is in the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, many driver’s ed schools do not allow students enough time to experience real life driving conditions: day/night, weather, traffic, etc.

Safety 1st Driving School is proud to offer double the driving time of most driving schools. While most driving schools log around 15 miles per behind-the-wheel session, Safety 1st logs 30-40 miles a session! 

Driving School in Ladera Ranch - Fiat Safety Features

Here’s what else we offer our Ladera Ranch students:

3. Take your DMV Driving Test

Once you’ve completed your Online Course and your Behind-the-Wheel training, sign up for our DMV Package! Check out our Packages page for special discounts on our DMV Package.

With our DMV Package, we won’t leave you high and dry before your final DMV road test. We will make the appointment for you, take you to it, allow you to use our car (the one you’ve trained in and feel comfortable with) and provide support and encouragement all the way.

Driving School in Ladera Ranch – Safety 1st Driving School

We truly want all our students to succeed – not only to pass the DMV test and acquire their licenses. While that is important, it is secondary to becoming safe, skilled drivers. That is, always has been, and always will be our #1 goal as a driving school.

Contact us today with any questions you may have, or to begin your Driver’s Ed! (949) 250-7001