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Driving School in OrangeWelcome to Safety 1st Driving School! Are you ready to embark on the exciting and life-changing milestone of getting your California driver’s license? If so, you need the absolute BEST driving school to be your co-pilot on this thrilling and dangerous ride.

Despite what many teenagers want to admit, driving is dangerous. And for parents who have navigated the Orange County freeways, you know it’s even more scary around here. The news is filled with stories of young people perishing in automobile-related accidents; in fact, car crashes are the #1 killer of American teens. To us, that is totally unacceptable.

At Safety 1st, we are committed to doing everything we can to reverse those awful statistics and help young people become safe, skilled, cautious yet confident drivers in the city of Orange and all of Orange County.

How do we accomplish this?

Why should you choose Safety 1st for your driver’s ed experience? Here are just a few of the most compelling reasons we are the #1 Driving School in Orange:

1. Our Online Course is fun!

What?! Impossible! you say. Yep, it’s true! Sure, you could sit through a super boring online driver’s ed course, but we believe a compelling, interactive, and FUN experience will help you absorb and retain the information you’re learning – much better than if you’re so bored you’d rather be watching paint dry.

Our online course includes only the most relevant, important information you NEED to know in order to establish a solid foundation on which to begin your behind-the-wheel training. And it’s only $29!

Work from home, the coffee shop, or wherever – on your own time, at your own pace.

Register for our Online Course now!

2. More driving time!

Driving School in OrangeOnce you’ve completed your Online Course, you’re ready to begin your behind-the-wheel training. Our certified instructors are amazing (more on that later). But what’s the best way to learn to drive? Well, to DRIVE, of course!

While most driving schools log about 15 miles per 2-hour driving lesson, Safety 1st logs 30-40 miles! That’s more than double what you’ll get with most schools.

We place the emphasis on practical, real-life instruction. That’s the best way to learn!

  • Our cars are top rated for safety,
  • We do NOT allow piggybacking (only one student per car, per session), so the time is all yours.
  • We are happy to provide free pickup and drop off for all driving lessons, AND
  • You can even use our cars for your final DMV driving test!

We also have a unique Grading System, whereby after each behind-the-wheel lesson the student is given a grade with detailed notes that the instructor has taken during the lesson. This grade is discussed at length with the student AND parents, to ensure everyone is on the same page and the student (and parents) know what to be practicing for the next session.

We have a number of behind-the-wheel packages to suit your needs – check them out here!

3. Our instructors ROCK.

All our instructors are DMV certified and have been subjected to our own rigorous training and background screening requirements. They are safe, trustworthy adults who are positive, encouraging, and focus 100% on the student. They will show up on time EVERY time, looking clean and professional. We have a strict zero tolerance policy – if our instructors do not meet our high standards, they will not work for Safety 1st.

Our instruction is custom tailored toward what each student needs to have the skills necessary to be a safe driver (hence our unique Grading System).

Driving School in Orange

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